Worms W.M.D launch trailer

Lock up your sheep! Team 17’s Worms turns 21 this year, and to celebrate the launch of the latest in the franchise, Worms W.M.D, a new trailer has been released.

Promising ‘their most destructive game yet’, Worms W.M.D offers 30 objective-based campaign levels as well as local and online multiplayer madness, all digitally-painted in classic 2D.

New for this entry are buildings, vehicles, and the ability for players to craft and dismantle items on-the-go! The new crafting mechanic more than doubles the number of available items for you to destroy your opponents with, and the fact that one of these is called an ‘Angry Concrete Donkey’ certainly makes me want to try it. I’m just not sure that I’m ready to admit buying the original from a Computer Show 21 years ago, because that would make me very old.

Worms W.M.D is available now from the Xbox Store for £19.99.

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