Wreckateer Available Now for Kinect on Xbox LIVE Arcade

Join the finest medieval demolition company in all the land to eradicate goblin infested castles! Iron Galaxy, a Chicago based game development studio, today announced Wreckateer, its medieval demolition strategy game is available now exclusively for Kinect on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Wreckateer uses the Kinect to put you in control of a massive castle wrecking ballista as you travel across a mystical kingdom to destroy 60 castles using six magical projectiles. Use your body to aim and fire each shot and then control it in mid-air with motion activating special powers to guide them towards their target. Utilize an arsenal of Flying, Explosive, Splitting, and rocketing Speed shots to explore the infinite ways you can wreak havoc on goblin infested castles bringing them crumbling to the ground.

The game features a robust single player campaign, local multiplayer mode, and Xbox LIVE leader board support ensuring your entire family will have an endlessly royal good time. In addition, Wreckateer includes Avatar FameStar, the new program from Microsoft Studios that delivers new and exciting ways to play online with your friends and compete for social recognition.

Join the fight to eradicate the goblin infested castles by downloading Wreckateer for 800 MS Points from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Look out for our review soon!

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