WTF OMG – Activision Release an Xbox LIVE Indie Game

Activision, one of the worlds biggest publishers has put out a game on the Xbox LIVE Indie service under the title of Dark Reign Redux. Veteran PC gamers will be pleased to learn that this is a remake of the classic 1997 real-time strategy game Dark Reign: The Future of War.

Dark Reign Redux is a faithful remake of the original, ported by Magnetar Games, maintaining both the same look and feel, and incorporating the many innovations that made the original game a top seller. Manage resources, build your army, design your attack, and guide your side to victory. You can build skills in training missions and in the single-player campaign, challenge the AI in skirmish mode, or take on the community in online multiplayer.


  • Conquer the exciting single player campaign: Explore the engaging science-fiction setting, and discover the tragic events that have plagued the human race.
  • Design movement paths: Use waypoints to create patrols and sneak around enemy defenses. You have complete control of each unit’s path without the need for micromanagement.
  • Define unit behavior: Use the AI to give units a specific role in battle. Choose how independent they are, how far they roam, and how much damage will cause them to seek repair.
  • Use terrain to your advantage: Hide behind mountains and take cover in trees. Terrain effects movement, so natural hazards can be used to enhance your defenses.
  • Deceive your enemy with morphing units: Some units change appearance to sneak into enemy bases or to camouflage in the field; ideal for setting up ambushes and gathering intelligence.
  • Balance your resources: To triumph you need two resources: fresh water, a commodity so precious it has become the currency, and Taelon, the fuel that powers the war machines.
  • Take on the AI in skirmish mode: Pick a map, choose your side, and battle against the computer AI to achieve complete domination.
  • Challenge other gamers in multiplayer: Take on the community. Fight alone, create teams, or form ad-hoc alliances during battle. Allies can share resources, units, and even viewpoints on the map.

Dark Reign Redux is available on the Xbox LIVE Indie Marketplace for 400 MS Points, and even plays in new improved widescreen modes!

Source: Armless Octopus