XBLA Exclusive: The Splatters Coming Soon – New Trailer

SpikySnail Games has today announced that The Splatters will be coming exclusively to the Xbox LIVE Arcade this spring. The Splatters, was an IGF finalist and Indie Game Challenge nominee (then, under the name Confetti Carnival) and PAX10 winner with publishing rights picked up by Microsoft Studio’s. A new teaser trailer unveiling more unique gameplay footage in this one of a kind game; which although sounds like a dodgy title from a bad night out on the town – it actually looks rather appealing – check it out below.

The Splatters is described by the dev’s as a one of a kind physics-driven puzzler where you control liquid-filled creatures with one purpose in life – to go out with style. The unique physics gameplay allows almost endless possibilities to finish a level and as players gain in skill, their creativity shines in every move they make.

The game features:

  • One-of-a-kind Physics Gameplay – it’s literally something you’ve never played before! Highly competitive. Highly addictive.
  • Deep Skill & Impressive Replay Value – a game that never plays out the same – keeps you on your toes and picking up new tricks all the time. As you gain skills, you’ll begin to orchestrate a magnificent show of acrobatic creatures, liquids, stunts and explosions. It’s a fresh challenge every time you play.
  • Creativity Rewarded – the more spectacular your show is, the higher the score you get. Pull off stunts with every move you make to rack-up massive combos and make your crowd ecstatic!
  • Splatter TV – an in-game feature that let’s you share your best game clips with your friends and the rest of the world. Watch full playbacks of the very best players in the world as they perform jaw-dropping moves to complete every level in the game.

Additional details surrounding the launch of the innovative physics-based action puzzler will also be announced in the coming months.

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