XBLA: Sacred Citadel – New Character Reveal

Sacred Citadel  Logo

Deep Silver has revealed details about the third of the four character classes from the upcoming side-scrolling action brawler Sacred Citadel – The Ancarian. This charachter represents the Ranger class in the group, dealing damage to enemies through ranged attacks with his malicious bow. His skills enable him to shoot off an arrow into the air that will wreak havoc among his enemies, raining fire down on them. But the Ranger is also a cunning gadgeteer, prolific in the creation of contraptions. His enemies will definitely be surprised by his ingenious trap box!

Although its glory has faded, the nation of Ancaria is still the dominant power in the world. No other nation can compete against the Ashen Empire, no other army can stand against the power of the Grimmoc forces.

The events in Sacred Citadel will act as a prologue to the next chapter of the Sacred story and will unveil an intriguing secret about the Seraphim that will directly relate to the action RPG Sacred 3, currently in development by keen games and to be released in 2013.

Sacred Citadel will be out in 2013 on the Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Watch the video of the Ancarian Ranger in action below

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