XBLIG Review – End of Days: Survivor


End of Days: Survivor is an Xbox LIVE Indie game by Sick Kreations modeled after the zombies game mode from Treyarch’s Call of Duty games. It is a first person shooter and the object of the game is to survive wave after wave of zombies until a helicopter comes to rescue you. There may be twenty total waves to play through but you’ll probably get bored before long before reaching it.

Initially, End of Days: Survivor feels really fun but it quickly becomes apparent it is not very polished. There is only one type of enemy – zombie. They aren’t very smart either. Perhaps playing the role of mindless zombie a little too well, enemies will literally just run into your gunfire. They won’t try to find alternate routes to you. They won’t even climb up through the windows. They just all come at you in a line. This makes standing in a doorway and letting them wander into your sights a completely viable, yet incredibly boring, strategy.


At least there is some variety provided in weaponry. You’ll unlock a new weapon to use every one thousand points but instead of having to pay the points to get the gun like in Call of Duty, you can just take it whenever you want. You start off with a pistol which can be upgraded to a more powerful version at six thousand points. There is also an assortment submachine guns and assault rifles at your disposal as well as a shotgun and machine gun. Players will also be rewarded with a bonus “noob tube” round every three waves where they are given a grenade launcher with infinite ammo.

Waves don’t really get harder as time goes on, but you’ll have to kill more and more enemies to progress past later waves. The only thing you really have to worry about is running out of ammunition so you’ll want to stay close to the area where you can pick up the guns from the wall and then just switch between them as you run out of ammo for each one. Dying isn’t as bad as you would expect since you respawn without any penalty whatsoever. Your progression into the current wave isn’t even reset. This sort of ruins the whole concept of a survival game when you don’t get punished for deaths.


End of Days: Survivor could have been an awesome XBLIG if Sick Kreations had just spent more time on it. For example, there are a few game-breaking glitches such as the ability to sprint backwards which enables you to pretty much always avoid danger. You can also jump on the humvee in the center of the map and the zombies can’t ever touch you. You could just stand there forever and never be damaged. Perhaps they should have playtested this a bit more? One other problem is throwing grenades. There is no grenade throwing animation whatsoever and the grenade itself will bounce around like a superball.

If you are looking for a zombie survival game on the indie marketplace, you should consider picking up I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1 instead

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