XBLIG Review: Infinity Danger


Infinity Danger from Milkstone Studios is a “bullet hell” type shoot ‘em up with a twist – there are no levels! Rather than playing through stages and facing off against a boss at the end, you simply run a gauntlet of boss fight after boss fight.

You have infinite lives in this game but that isn’t to say it is easy because it is a constant race against the clock. You are given 150 seconds which can be increased whenever you destroy a part of the boss’s ship or decreased whenever you are killed (or as time passes naturally). You are also given some bonus time between each round.

What’s cool about this game is that there are built-in achievements such as destroying a certain number of turrets or shooting a certain number of bullets. While they don’t actually affect your gamerscore, they still increase replayability by giving you goals to shoot for. Another factor that improves replayability is that the bosses seem to be generated randomly. You’ll face different types of ships each playthrough which makes the game feel different each time.


The controls couldn’t be any simpler. The left analog stick moves your ship and the right analog stick fires in the direction you push it towards. That’s it! The simplicity is both a good and bad thing. It’s good because it makes the game very easy to pickup and master, but it’s also bad because each wave just feels like more of the same and eventually it feels just a bit too repetitive.

Also, because the game is a bullet hell type shooter, your screen is often overflowed with enemy fire. There’s no way to defend yourself other than dodging the bullets but eventually there’ll be nowhere to go. This game really could have benefited from some sort of limited use shield or screen-clearing bomb to bail you out of these situations. Or at least some weapon power ups!

While you only have one weapon at your disposal, the boss’s have multiple including vulcans, shotguns, beam turrets, missile launchers, cannons, ballistic turrets, and a weapon called “needles.” Each time you defeat a boss, the next one comes back bigger and better with more guns and a larger ship. Eventually the enemy ship becomes so huge it alone consumes a majority of the screen. The game gets to be really tough when facing boss evolutions that combine all of the weapon types. The projectiles each move at different speeds so it can be very hard to dodge barrages of varying types of fire.


The graphics look pretty darn good for an indie game and could easily be passable for a full Xbox LIVE Arcade release. The sound is another story, however. The game simply loops the same two tracks over and over. The automated voice yelling “DANGER!” in your face between each round also gets annoying after awhile. The game’s title already warned me there would be copious amounts of danger!

There is no online play in this game or even local co-op which sucks. The leaderboards function doesn’t seem to work right, either. Apparently I’m ranked number one in the entire world with a meager six million points.

Infinity Danger, like many Xbox LIVE Indie Games, costs just 80 Microsoft Points to download. It’s not a deep game and has some flaws, but if you’re a fan of bullet hell games, a genre which doesn’t see many new releases these days, then you’ll definitely want to pick this one up.

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