XBLIG Review: Little Racers STREET

little racer street

Little Racers STREET is an indie racing game developed by Milkstone Studios. It is very well made and ranks among the most fun games on the Xbox LIVE Indie Marketplace. Little Racers STREET is played from a top down perspective rather than directly behind or inside the vehicle. This makes the cars look pretty small and thus probably why the game is titled “little racers.” Playing this game reminds me of Micro Machines on Sega Genesis.

There are two game modes: quick race and career. The career mode is actually pretty in-depth with various classes of cars ranging from E to A. As you might expect, cars get better and faster as they progress up in class. Each class circuit has a ton of races to complete (though most of the stages are just variations of each other with different routes blocked off). Credits earned from placing well can be spent on shopping for new cars or upgrading your current one. You’ll need to keep an eye on the overall performance rating of your car, however, as you don’t want to inadvertently bump it up to the next class. You can also customize your cars paint job to your heart’s desire.


The controls are very accurate which is especially important in a racing game where you need to make hairpin turns all the time like Little Racers STREET. The left trigger brakes but honestly, you’re better off simply letting off the gas rather than braking in most turns. All of the cars also come equipped with a nitro boost meter that slowly fills up over time which when used, can make even E class cars push close to 200 miles per hour. If you’re someone that constantly rams into the walls then you might need to brake more often because damaging your car will reduce its top speed and handling ability throughout the race. Luckily your car is automatically repaired after each race in career mode (costing you credits to make repairs based on how much damage you did).

The graphics are surprisingly good for such an arcadey little racing game, especially the environments which are very detailed. An assortment of weather conditions like snow, rain, and the dark of night will make races feel a little bit different and add some variety to the game.

One of the best parts of Little Racers STREET is the subtle humor displayed in some of the names. For example, one of the top tier cars is named the “Fetuccini Valiente,” an obvious play on the Italian-made Lamborghini. I also think I raced against Alex Rodriguez a few times. Like most games from Milkstone Studios, Little Racers STREET also has numerous challenges to complete such as winning with a specific car or completing a certain number of races.


One thing I didn’t like about the game was a lack of multiplayer. There is actually an online multiplayer mode as well an option for system link, but I would have liked to see split screen. This game would be really fun to goof around on with a friend, but not really worth setting up a system link for.

For just 80 Microsoft Points, you really can’t go wrong with this game, though. Each race only takes a few minutes to complete so the game is very fast-paced and arcade-like. This gives it a wide-ranging appeal to many players. Even gamers who generally don’t get into this genre should consider picking up Little Racers STREET.

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