Xbox 720 Rumoured To Have Blu Ray and Be Anti-Used Games

Gaming Industry Sources, usually family members and friends of the gaming industry workforce who just can’t help but leak news to various communities (as we have known from first hand) have informed Kotaku of certain features for the next generation Xbox console.

Using a little common sense it’s hardly anything that would surprise you – the next console from Microsoft is looking set to have a Blu-Ray Disc Drive and feature some form Anti-Used Games system which we are without a doubt calling Bullshit on that one. Considering the popularity of the Blu Ray for HD Movies which made the HD-DVD obsolete, it’s unsurprising that it would be used for a next gen console from Microsoft, bringing it inline with the disc storage capacity of the PS3. Hopefully this will end the need for multi-disc support since a Blu Ray disc can hold up to 50GB of data compared to the 8GB of current DVD’s used for Xbox 360 gaming. Using a known, well-used format is a good move, and more so that Xbox 360 players who only used their PS3 as cheap Blu Ray Players can now be rid of them forever…

In a bid to increase sales of new games and help cut losses made by developers and publishers – it has been rumoured that an anti-used games system will be implemented within the next-gen Xbox console. Whilst the method has not been revealed by the good trusted Kotaku source  – this could potentially be more industry damaging. Retailers who rely on the sale of used games would see profits plunge, and even gamers who just can’t afford new games might just not bother at all, keeping their money for triple A titles only. This would surely lose sales rather than increase them? For such a method to be in place it would also seem likely that all Xbox 720 games would need an individual unregistered key in the box at retail that will need to be validated on the console prior to the first time you play it. It would mean the console would never play any retail game that hasn’t been registered to the console, in a similar way that Microsoft use for validating Windows or Office Applications on a PC?

Microsoft have not made any official announcements regarding the features of the next-generation Xbox console, but it has been reported that development kits are in production this year, with an estimated retail console release for 2013.

Source: Kotaku

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