Xbox 8 – Two New Domain Names Now Owned by Microsoft

Xbox 8 – Two New Domain Names Now Owned by Microsoft

Way back in February were first to point out that the next-gen Xbox console could be called Xbox 8 following on from a discussion we had with an ex-industry employee who claimed to have seen Battlefield 3 running on an alpha build of the next-gen Xbox – showing the game in its full PC glory equivalent.

Further fuelling the fire that Microsoft has named the next-gen console Xbox 8, is the acquisition of some Xbox 8 domain names in a recent dispute case as detailed today by Fusible:

Microsoft Corporation has won two disputes filed in May with the National Arbitration Forum over a batch of Xbox-related domains owned by a resident of China who goes by the name “Cheng Juan”.

The disputed names include,,,, and

Also, we further reported back in February this year about the two code-names of “Loop” and “Infinity”. Loop being the code for a service that will bring all current-gen digital stock into a next-gen era, and Infinity referring to a service that will be the platform used to bring Xbox 8, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 together as one unit – a platform that could also implement apps into the home without the need for another console. So, Infinity we now know is the services attached to Xbox SmartGlass that will allow future Apps, Xbox Music and Xbox Video across all three platforms – Loop on the other hand, we might not get more details of until the new console has been officially unveiled.

As always, when the official word is in – we’ll bring you the news…

Via: Fusible / Official Xbox Magazine