Xbox @ gamescom – Killer Instinct Season 3 – here comes Rash


rash killer instinct

Killer Instinct Season 3 was announced today and it is slated for release in March 2016. From today a guest character will be invading the scene until 8th September – Rash from Battletoads! This is the early stage of Rash’s design, his final form will be revealed with the rest of Killer Instinct season 3 in March. You will have access to him if you own Rare Replay and have loaded up Battletoads or have previously brought any piece of Killer Instinct content.

FPS fanatic, huge battlefield fan! When I am not wielding some sort of virtual firearm (not very often), I can be found in the dojo in Killer Instinct, biding time and polishing techniques to conquer the world.