Xbox LIVE Arcade Achievements Limit Set To Increase?

A trusted source of Xbox360Achievements, who previously claimed that the Achievement score limit for retail games on the Xbox 360 would have an increase limit,(that later turned out to be true) has returned to bring good news that Xbox LIVE Arcade games are now going to see double from 200 Gamerscore to 400 Gamerscore as a change of policy will soon be introduced.

Over the years the quality of Xbox LIVE Arcade games has improved from what was once basic, crappy ports of ancient arcade titles to more graphically improved mini-retail quality games such as Section 8: Prejudice, and more recently I Am Alive, as great examples of the transition from just an arcade game to a distinctive high quality digital download title. Although the price increase over the years has reflected with quality from an average arcade game previously costing 400 MS Points, to now anywhere from 800 – 1200 MS Points.

Microsoft has not yet confirmed the new policy rumoured to be heading for Xbox LIVE Arcade games,but the old and new rules are as follows which could eventually see up to 800 Gamerscore for some titles based on DLC content.


Base: 200 Gamerscore / Max of 20 Achievements
DLC: Up to 50 Gamerscore + 5 Achievements per Quarter (3 Max)
Total: Up to 350 Gamerscore / 35 Achievements


Base: 400 Gamerscore / Max of 30 Achievements
DLC: Up to 100 Gamerscore + 8 Achievements per Quarter (4 Max)
Total: Up to 800 Gamerscore / 62 Achievements

With the new rules, it does make us wonder if Xbox LIVE Arcade games featuring 400 Gamerscore will cost in excess of 1200 MS Points – could 1600 MS Points priced games shortly make an appearance on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace this year?

When Microsoft make any official announcements, we’ll keep you posted.

Via (X360A)


Major Nelson confirmed this today:

Starting next month (April 2012) all new Xbox LIVE Arcade games will have the option to increase from 200 to 400 Gamerscore points, with the addition of up to 30 Achievements. Even better, this Gamerscore increase will be required in all new Xbox LIVE Arcade games starting in June 2012.

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