Xbox LIVE Enforcement Sick of Modern Warfare 3 Banning Questions

As the ban wave gets stronger and stronger on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 due to players Boosting, Cheating, Exploiting or even swearing – Activision’s own internal ban-hammer wielders are coming down hard on those players, but it’s the Xbox LIVE Enforcement team who are taking the flak for it.

Today, to reduce the number of questions, complaints or bitching about why players have been banned, the Xbox LIVE Enforcement Team issued the following message:

If you have been suspended from Modern Warfare 3 for any reason, you will need to contact Infinity Ward directly for assistance. The Xbox LIVE Policy and Enforcement Team is not involved in their suspension process, as our purview extends to service-wide actions only. We do not handle issues specific to any title, such as restoration of lost rank, matchmaking or experience/credit suspensions, and users posting about these issues will be directed back to Infinity Ward.

Activision’s banning team are separate to Infinity Ward, and it’s not public knowledge who is handling the restictions to server access (more than likely BeachHead Studio’s who have compiled Call of Duty: Elite). If you are one of the players banned for boosting or exploiting known glitches, your game history is scrutinised which includes any recorded video – so be warned.

The Xbox LIVE Enforcement Team can not help you!

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