Xbox LIVE in Windows 8 – Consumer Preview Out Now

If you are wondering what Xbox LIVE will look like in Windows 8, it’s actually not all that different from what we’re used to now on our console dashboards. The Metro style system update from Xbox LIVE has already prepared you for the new experience within Windows 8!

In an update from Major Nelson, he announced that a Windows 8 Consumer Preview is ready and available now with Xbox LIVE a part of the preview program.

Xbox Live in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview includes games, video, music and Xbox companion applications. In the preview, these apps are just a taste of the features that we’ll be delivering at launch. We will share more information later this year as we get closer to launch.

To view all images hit the main image above to forward to the gallery as posted by Major Nelson. If you want to be part of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview – then head over to the WindowsTeamBlog for more instructions.

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