Xbox LIVE is Down and [UPDATE]

If you’re currently searching the net for answers on Xbox LIVE and – we can confirm that a status report has been issued to identify that signing in to Xbox LIVE and is not possible right now.

As at 4pm UK time on July 6th – users will not be able to sign into the online service. Many online searches are showing users querying search terms “Have I been banned from Xbox LIVE” and “Is Xbox LIVE Down”

Xbox LIVE is down, and you will not know if you have been banned from the service until normal service has been resumed. For all gamers without modified consoles, glitches or whatever other form of tampering – your service should resume shortly.

When Xbox LIVE is back up – we’ll follow with an Update – in the mean time you may check the progress via Service Update

UPDATE: Xbox LIVE Issues seem to be resolving for users (based on twitter trends)

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