Xbox Live on 360 outage claimed by hackers

xbox live logo 2013

Online hackers have claimed responsibility for the current issues that are affecting the Xbox Live Core Services for the 360 platform.

The hackers are also said to be responsible for a similar outage on the PSN and have threatened a similar outage for the Xbox One Live service on Christmas Day.

All other services on the One platform seem to have been unaffected so far, but the 360 Core Service is still out into it’s third day of outage.

What is this likely to mean if you still use the 360, well, my experience so far has been the offer of an update for the console, then this failing to download and the console rebooting.

Obviously, you can still play disc-based games, but many titles gameplay is centred around the online multi-player experience and rather than affect the big corporation that Microsoft is, as a gaming colleague has intimated, this just succeeds in irritating the ordinary gamer.

Microsoft are yet to comment on this malicious attack. When they do, we’ll bring you news of the outcome.

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