Xbox LIVE Subscriptions on Xbox One Explained


With the removal of Xbox LIVE Gold Family Subscription packages, this did bring about rumours and suggestions that maybe the next Xbox console will have something up its sleeve to replace this. Polygon has reported on some Xbox LIVE Subscription facts, that YES – the Xbox One console can have multiple users on the one Xbox account whilst not needing an additional subscription per console either.

“If you have an Xbox Gold membership today for 360 and you buy an Xbox One, your membership applies to both systems,” Microsoft’s Phil Harrison told Polygon. “You don’t have to get another subscription.”

Multiple members of a household will be able to share a single account, Harrison said, explaining, “Anybody who has usage privilege on that machine can use it.”

Multiple users on the One Xbox Live subscription will be able to access their own Friends list and personalisations too. Great news for the families who share an Xbox!

Thanks Polygon

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