Xbox One could be sold in China

Xbox 360 Xbox One


Since the year 2000 consoles have been banned in China due to claims that there was an adverse effect on the mental health of young people who played them. Of course, this didn’t stop said young people playing games on their PC’s and nor did the ban stop a grey market trade of illegal consoles.

Today however the Chinese government has introduced a temporary removal of the ban and as such opened up the doors for Nintendo, Sony and of course Microsoft to enter an extremely rich market. The temporary removal of the ban isn’t straight forward at this stage, the government have stated they’ll allow foreign firms (Microsoft, Sony etc) to produce consoles in there free trade zone which resides in Shanghai. Once produced China’s Cultural Department will need to inspect and approve the device before its released on general sale.

Sony have already addressed and responded to the news stating they will ‘continuously study the possibility’. Microsoft have yet to provide a response. According to one analyst, Microsoft already has the edge over its competition in terms of getting consoles on the market the quickest.

Only time will tell if the people of China will finally be able to buy legal, non grey stock of our beloved Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: BBC

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