Xbox One Does Not Block Used Games – Nor Always Online

Xbox One Does Not Block Used Games – Nor Always Online


With the newly announced Xbox One console from Microsoft today, post-reveal questions have included if it does block used games as per all the recent rumours and if it does require an always online internet connection. Clearing up the latter, Microsoft has confirmed that whilst the new console does require an internet connection it doesn’t have to be ‘always online’.

Now, the important one since we all know how we love to trade-in our old games, shit games, or just fancy something not quite full priced games – it has been confirmed that the Xbox One console will not block used games, but you will need to deactivate your content license. So, in short if you install a game to your HDD and activate the license then all the accounts on your Xbox One console can play that game. If you sell your game, it will also need to be sold online. Microsoft hasn’t officially announced the trading details required to action it, but it will render your license useless and allow the new owner to play the game instead of you. There has been no talk of this being a chargeable service, but a license transfer can take place in the cloud over Xbox LIVE to the new owner. It is good to learn that used games are not dead afterall, Xbox Wire has stated “We are designing Xbox One to enable customers to trade in and resell games. We’ll have more details to share later.”

No wonder EA decided to scrap their online passes, they’d be useless on Xbox One with the way license transfers are in place!

Thanks: Kotaku