Xbox One Gameplay Streaming ‘Months away’

Xbox One


Earlier in the week @TwitchTVSupport advised us that Xbox One streaming could still be months away and that it was Microsoft withholding the date, not Twitch themselves;

This is hugely disappointing for a large number of Xbox One gamers and broadcasters who want to get rolling with their new channels/streams. No one is entirely sure what the delay is. It could be a deliberately planned course of action to force more users into using the fun yet limited features of Microsoft’s own Upload Studio or it could be they are trying to ensure the same problems that Sony faced with users broadcasting themselves having sex in the augmented reality demo The Playroom, don’t happen again.

In the mean time Xbox One users can still download the Twitch.TV App and watch other broadcasts from PS4 and PC players alike. That’s one thing we do have over the PS4 owners, their app only allows them to watch streams from other PS4 broadcasters. *Yawn*

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  • Lee Hayward

    Only the the app is limited , however theres also Ustream and a browser to watch other external streams but who wants to “Yawn” at other systems whilst playing within their own systems eco

  • The App is absolutely wank!

  • Mark Cardwell

    I play with people who broadcast, but I have no interest in it myself. I’m thinking that when everyone can do it its going to be a mess.

  • I’m seriously in two minds about broadcasting when it becomes available. I’ve used Twitch a lot to watch broadcasts over the last couple of years. I just want to be one of ‘those guys’ who try to ‘ve clever and funny yet fail :/