Xbox One – HALO Will Be Coming to Xbox One in 2014

Xbox One



For the big ‘Thank You’ message from Microsoft after selling 3 Million Xbox Ones since launch to the end of 2013, a series of games were listed that were coming to Xbox One in 2014. The one game name that was missing caused a bit of a stir on Social Media, that game…HALO.

First shown at E3 in June 2013, a CGI cinematic showed the Master Chief walking alone in a desert. No other details has been revealed and 343 Industries have only said that it would not be called HALO 5. Senior PR Manager for both HALO and Forza Rob Semsey, quickly took to Twitter to allay the fears of HALO fans and tweeted the following:

That will be good news for HALO fans on Xbox One, there has been much excitement since E3 but the silence since was worrying to know the status of the Master Chief’s next adventure.

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  • Seriously can’t wait for this !!!

  • Halo… I don’t know, I never got into the franchise. Does that make a poor gamer?

  • avi

    i’m waiting on halo 5 to make my xbox one purchase.

  • Yeah you just as well… at least by then the dash issues likely sorted, better UI, better setup with the HDD and you never know… maybe even a Halo skinned Xbox One Ltd Ed

  • Mark Cardwell

    I think my pants just got a bit tighter thinking about Halo on X1….

  • can you begin to imagine how great it will look on X1 !!!!