Xbox One Heading For a December 2013 Launch?

Xbox One Heading For a December 2013 Launch?


Xbox One, the controversial new generation gaming/media centre from Microsoft could end up succeeding where the Philips CDi failed in that it does more than play games. Gamers the world over are crying out anti-consumer issues because of the focus of the recent reveal not primarily centred around games, doubled with the confusion over the used games market and DRM requirements it has left a bitter trail across the internet!

Recently, during a great Xbox Guide video demo for Wired as shown below, Microsoft Principal Development Manager of Live TV, Ashley Speicher, stated “the company is working hard on the console and that, when it’s going to be released in seven months, customers won’t even recognize it.” This possible slip of the tongue positions the launch window for Microsoft’s new Xbox One console for December 2013, and not November as per the assumption of many.

Microsoft had stated explicitly that the Xbox One reveal was to be in two stages, the first on May 21st was a hardware showcase only with the emphasis on gaming and other details surrounding the console to be announced during the E3 2013 event in the coming weeks.

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