Xbox One – Import Your Face And Body Mass Onto Created Characters


Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) of Xbox LIVE today at San Diego Comic Con moderated a panel of developers as they talked about new features for the upcoming Xbox One console. One great feature in particular that will highlight is the new features for Kinect 2.0.

Nick Burton, from Rare, had discussed how the fidelity had not been “quite there” in the previous generation of Kinect (meaning Xbox 360’s) and how it could only track about 20 points on the body. However, the new Kinect Sensor for Xbox One has 10x the resolution of the Xbox 360 Kinect and can read the folds in your face and discriminate among your fingers from as far as 3 meters. During Comic Con, Nick Burton also showed a Kinect rendered mask of his own face that could be mapped to in-game character models on Xbox One. This shows how it could be possible to import your own face geometry and body mass index onto character models within games. Obviously this is developer use permitting and the new device can even track your face during gameplay and reproduce your facial expressions!


In other news, the Xbox One controller combined with Kinect can spot who is using the controller and adapt that users controller settings as it is passed around from person to person. Pretty impressive.

Thanks IGN

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