Xbox One Info Blow-Out, GamesRadar Keeping Tabs on New Console


GamesRadar has posted an “All in One” compilation of information related to Microsoft’s new entertainment/console hardware the Xbox One. As news surrounding the device is developing the page is being updated with information and clarifications complete with rumors about the release date, price, and more!

As of yet the price of Xbox One at launch has not been announced officially, but GamesRadar takes us back to when Microsoft launched a subscription model for the current 360 and how this could have been a marketing test for a similar plan with the Xbox One console.

The price point of Microsoft’s next system has been a question mark for a while, but a recent rumor suggests the One will come with two price points: $500 and $300. But you’ll only get the next Xbox for $300 by signing up for a subscription of some kind, perhaps similar to what many phone companies do when bundling cell phones with plans.

  • Games will be installed to the console using the discs, but now will not need to be inserted into the console when you want to access the game after the initial process.
  • While we know that the system won’t play old games natively, there’s still the option of allowing us to download them as “Xbox 360 originals” or something. That, or Microsoft could do what Sony is doing with the PS4, and putting the backwards compatibility into a streaming service.

To take a complete look at GamesRadar’s ever-expanding list of Xbox One knowledge, check out this direct link below:

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