Xbox One – Microsoft Disables Youtube Comments


So it seems that sheep mentality strikes again with all the negativity surrounding Microsoft’s Xbox One conference when the new console was shown to the world on May 21st this year. Dubbed the “All-in-One” entertainment device because it can take control of your TV, deliver Skype multi-video support and a bigger emphasis on owning the living-room has pissed off a large number of gaming folk. Microsoft has since disable comments on the Youtube channel for Xbox One!

Comments referring to switching to Sony’s console side of the world, amongst other crap has re-surfaced and appears to be a familiar trait when Microsoft aims to do something less-traditional; who remembers the Kinect reveal? Same thing! Whilst fully supports the Xbox One console (as you’d expect from an Xbox news site) I can’t help but think that a lot of negativity is jumping on the band-wagon. With the current Xbox 360 supporting media apps, video, music and other streaming services it couldn’t have been a surprise that Microsoft intend to go bigger-and-better with their entertainment features for the new console. The use of cloud based services with the Xbox One require a brief check-in online every now and then should also aim to combat the ever-growing modding community and aid against piracy. Your console will not switch off or end your gaming sessions because your internet went down (unless it’s Multiplayer), it’s just suited to those gamers who “have” the internet, and if you can connect online to bitch on Youtube then it shouldn’t be an issue having your Xbox One console check-in online for you?

Unfortunately, Kinect or as the new name suggest “Xbox Sensor” being a requirement for the console to operate is disappointing because if its usage is optional, then it’s requirement should reflect that. If the Xbox Sensor breaks then your fully working console will need you to buy an additional unit should you use it or not. Microsoft for the new generation seems to be aiming to have every console owner hooked to Skype. However, if you are only the type of gamer who wants to have a next-gen console for next-gen gaming…

…then why the long face?

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