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Xbox One


So it seems that sheep mentality strikes again with all the negativity surrounding Microsoft’s Xbox One conference when the new console was shown to the world on May 21st this year. Dubbed the “All-in-One” entertainment device because it can take control of your TV, deliver Skype multi-video support and a bigger emphasis on owning the living-room has pissed off a large number of gaming folk. Microsoft has since disable comments on the Youtube channel for Xbox One!

Comments referring to switching to Sony’s console side of the world, amongst other crap has re-surfaced and appears to be a familiar trait when Microsoft aims to do something less-traditional; who remembers the Kinect reveal? Same thing! Whilst fully supports the Xbox One console (as you’d expect from an Xbox news site) I can’t help but think that a lot of negativity is jumping on the band-wagon. With the current Xbox 360 supporting media apps, video, music and other streaming services it couldn’t have been a surprise that Microsoft intend to go bigger-and-better with their entertainment features for the new console. The use of cloud based services with the Xbox One require a brief check-in online every now and then should also aim to combat the ever-growing modding community and aid against piracy. Your console will not switch off or end your gaming sessions because your internet went down (unless it’s Multiplayer), it’s just suited to those gamers who “have” the internet, and if you can connect online to bitch on Youtube then it shouldn’t be an issue having your Xbox One console check-in online for you?

Unfortunately, Kinect or as the new name suggest “Xbox Sensor” being a requirement for the console to operate is disappointing because if its usage is optional, then it’s requirement should reflect that. If the Xbox Sensor breaks then your fully working console will need you to buy an additional unit should you use it or not. Microsoft for the new generation seems to be aiming to have every console owner hooked to Skype. However, if you are only the type of gamer who wants to have a next-gen console for next-gen gaming…

…then why the long face?

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  • Hielke Piera

    like your subtitle

  • It’s funny isn’t it. ‘Oh no… this console does so much more than play my games. I better be so angry about it’. Kind of pathetic. You know, I actually had a conversation with some Xbox, PS3 and Wii fans yesterday at MCM and those I spoke with although confused about certain issues surrounding the One, most were still positive and looked forward to deeper home entertainment integration.

  • But it’s so anti-consumer… you can’t rip of publishers and developers by reselling their software over and over, and you probably can’t pirate your games or install JTAG mod chips so you can play your mates copied games..

    Damn it Microsoft, how dare you be so lawful… haha

  • Ahmazin

    Reducing resale value is a legitimate gripe. Paying more for used games because of DRM fees being paid by the retail store is also a valid concern. I have bought 3 Xbox 360’s. 1 red ringed, 1 later for my son in the military and 1 for me.

    I’ve been a Xbox gamer from the beginning. I still have and play my original Xbox bought over a decade ago. If gamers have a concern about the new system, it’s good that they voice their opinion.

    Developers aren’t getting paid enough? Have you checked the mountain of DLC out there? Day one DLC at that. They are making plenty. If this was Nintendo or Sony, you guys would be slamming them. But since it’s your beloved Xbox, you don’t see a problem with it.

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest. I want the Xbox One to be great, but I won’t make excuses for their waffling. And people have every right to voice their concerns. Not everyone just bends over and takes it, as displayed by Microsoft. Disabling comments just makes them seem even more untrustworthy.

    I’d like to think they want to hear what their customers have to say… Guess not…

  • Brady Bredell

    Xbox One is a load of anti-consumer crap. Count me out.

  • Had to edit the Hitler video in… I always love them haha…

  • Halim R

    Xbox One reveal in a nutshell.

  • ahahahaahahaha brilliant !!!

  • MicrosoftisDead2me

    uh for one, the long face because if we want it for gaming why would we choose a system with 8 gb gddr3 ram of which 3 gb of that is tied up in the operating systems when we can have a system that uses 8 gb of gddr5 (double the bandwith and speed) of which only 1 gig is used for the os, has the same exact features as microsofts console(cloud gaming, streaming music, tv and movies), only difference is sony if focusing on GAMES, you know the things gaming consoles are supposed to play. Stop being a fanboy and wake up and smell the coffee dude. the forced kinect is an issue for a lot of us. I didn’t buy one for the 360 for a reason, when i game i like sitting down and using a controller not flailing about like an idiot to dance central or some other asinine kinect game. I purchased both the original xbox and the xbox360 at launch because of the games, features, and raw graphics power the xbox and xbox360 had. don’t believe me, look at my gamertag 10year+ live subcription. Head Shots 420. Anyway it’s not the fact that microsoft chose to expand their entertainment features, it’s that they decided to make those features their focus and put gaming on the back burner, while at the same time forcing a new kinect down your throat, forcing people to check in online once a day or they get locked out of games they purchased (why don’t you tell the service men and woman overseas to stop bitching they can’t get online) didn’t think so, also the DRM for used games STILL has not been cleared up. all they have said is the information out there is incomplete and inaccurate, but they haven’t actually cleared anything up. So you see it’s a host of many reasons why people are “hating” on the xbox one.

  • Im fairly confident that most gamers do not think of ram when buying a games console, regardless of specs most developers ensure that games on either console perform pretty similar. BF4 on Xbox One and PS4 will be identical to play (more than likely) same for CoD Ghosts, and Destiny etc.

    There has been nothing yet to suggest that the PS4 will not have a subscription based model in place, or that it will not have a DRM function for used games – something I would think that is more to please publishers and developers over consumers who want to recover profits from sale of used games from the retailers.

    I’m looking forward to E3 now when all the facts will be revealed on the PS4 and the Xbox One and I expect both consoles will be pretty similar and therefore please no bastard.

    I’m not forcing my opinion on everyone, people have gripes for so many different reasons over Xbox One. Current Kinect owners are likely not bothered about the requirement for Xbox One compared to non Kinect games, but Microsoft has left behind a lot of confusion from the reveal – and perhaps may change a few things in time for E3 based on backlash and what Sony might have up their sleeves.

  • Maria

    I suppose you could stop insulting the people who have legit concerns about the system (re: “sheep”). But that would require at least an ounce of professionalism and impartiality which you, mr. Andrews, clearly do not possess. Clearly, journalism isn’t for you. Too bad.

  • “All content should be considered opinion”…. I’m not enforcing it, but I do think that despite concerns, all the talk about favouring the PS4 just because of the Xbox One dislikes is stupid considering Sony has not even announced or detailed the requirements of their console.

  • Evan

    Play the same? You are mistaken the specs difference is large this generation. The gpu on the ps4 is 50% more powerful with better ram and an identical CPU. With ps3 call of duty isn’t locked at 60fps, has much more screen tearing, reduced texture resolution and many lighting effects turned off. And that’s with nearly identical system power better CPU in ps3 better gpu in 360 and they canceled out mostly. This next generation there is no cancel the Xbox one loses in multiple specs and by a lot! Both have a similar design so game engines will run equally as good in both just one is way weaker. If frame rate in the games is the same ps4 will have extra effects turned on. if graphics are the same the ps4 will have a far superior frame rate.

  • Evan

    As for drm there will probably be something on ps3 like the current multiplayer code system but it would be impossible to implement a online verification requirement with user accounts like Xbox one. If you cannot start a game on an friends Xbox without logging into your account then that means you probably can’t start a game without online verification period. Your system checks at the start of the game to make sure you are the owner and registered with the game. Now ps4 doesn’t have to be online you don’t need an Internet connection. So you just can’t do online account registration for the whole game just multiplayer.