Xbox One Neverwinter MMO closed Beta incoming


When you think about the games that are available on the Xbox One at the moment, and compare them to the games available on PC, what genre is missing? First person shooter, racing? No. MMO.

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment are putting the wheels in motion to rectify this massive oversight.

They have just announced a closed beta for Neverwinter, running from the 5th of Feb until the 8th of Feb which should mean that the Chinese publisher is getting very very close to final release.

In this Dungeons & Dragons world, you get to lead your characters around the city of Neverwinter and the surrounding environment, fighting enemies and completing tasks.

To whet your appetite, they’re posted a teaser trailer, have a quick look to see if you’re interested.

Registration is open now, so if you want to be considered, head on over to the application site and make your mark in the space provided.

The game itself, when released, will be a free-to-play MMO for Live Gold members and is expected to be released in the first quarter of this year, should the beta go well of course.

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