Xbox One News – The One Drive launches Today

One Drive


Xbox One users and anyone who uses a Windows 8 device such as a tablet or Windows Phone, will have gotten used to using the Microsoft Cloud storage system known as Sky Drive. Recently Microsoft announced that it was to be re-branded as the One Drive and today sees its launch on Xbox One.

Xbox Wire has given the low down on what the One Drive is and means to Xbox One Users, as the new launch brings with it new features for users:

Also new to OneDrive on Xbox One are achievements for milestone moments in the app. Here’s a few of the achievements you can earn:

  • Week one winner – Open OneDrive on Xbox One in the first week
  • Week one wizard – Play 20 photos in a slideshow from your camera roll in the first week
  • Hope those aren’t all selfies… – View 10 photos from your camera roll
  • Long exposure – View 100,000 photos
  • On a roll – Watch five hours of slideshows
  • Now you’re thinking with folders – Add a shared folder to OneGuide

In terms of the storage that One Drive will have over the original Sky Drive, there is a new program where OneDrive customers can go from 7 GB up to 15 GB for free by enabling their camera roll backup (3 GB) and inviting their friends (up to 5 GB in 500 MB increments).

Also, as a celebration of the launch, the OneDrive team will be giving 100,000 lucky people 100 GB of complimentary storage for one year. That’s enough to store 3,4001-minute game clips or roughly 44,000 photos!

To learn more about the promotion follow @OneDrive.

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