Xbox One Payday 2 Crimewave Edition is rather broken


There’s nothing more disappointing than a broken game, and in the case of Payday 2 Crimewave Edition, it’s particularly disappointing because the broken part is the online map, which freezes every 3-4 seconds, making selecting and getting into a lobby extremely difficult – moreso than pulling of the perfect heist!

Sure, you can play offline – but as you may have heard – playing with AI buddies is pretty damn tricky.

The good news… I can go back to playing Batman Arkham Knight instead of reviewing Payday 2. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the game on Xbox 360 and I would rather hold off on my review for TiX until a fix has been found to unfreeze’s map.

For updates, keep an eye on TiX and the official Payday2 twitter account, which currently seems to be making a lot of apologies to unhappy gamers. There’s no timescale on when a fix will be ready but they did have this to say… six days ago!

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