Xbox One sets phasers to stun

With the sudden influx of free to play MMO’s, Perfect World Entertainment Inc and Cryptic Studios have today announced their plans to bring Star Trek Online to the Xbox One.

On release of the console edition Star Trek Online will bring two expansions and 11 seasons’ worth of updates for players. That’s over ‘six years’ worth of content, including more than 130 featured episodes that build upon classic Star Trek stories and series. You will even get the change to play alongside a cast of Star Trek actors including Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Michael Dorn (Worf), Tim Russ (Tuvok) and more.

Star Trek Online Crew

Each player’s adventure will begin by choosing one of the classic Star Trek factions including Federation, Klingon and Romulans. If you can’t find what you want thought don’t worry as there’s also 32 other species to customize your own Captain with. Once this mammoth task is complete, I always find it the hardest part of any game, you will be able to take to the stars and visit iconic locations including Vulcan, Deep Space Nine, Earth Space Dock and more in one of the hundreds of classic Star Trek ships available to you. Engage in various missions and ship-to-ship combat as you play through the game’s story content aiming to reach the level 60 cap, and what’s more it’s all for free.

Star Trek Online Space Battle

To ensure a successful console launch of Star Trek Online the development team at Cryptic Studios have also spent time updating the game engine to offer an enhanced user experience and upgraded visuals. Learning from the recent launch of Neverwinter the team have also been working on a control scheme that will allow players to navigate both space and ground combat with ease. Further information about the up and coming release of the game can be found on the official website.

Star Trek Online is due for release on the Xbox One in Fall 2016. – ‘Live Long and Prosper’.

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