Xbox One to expose The Church in the Darkness

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Paranoid Productions have an interesting take on gaming. Join a cult, they said. It’ll be fun. They have revealed a new title, coming to Xbox One in 2017, that envelops you in the 1970’s world of Rebecca and Isaac Walker. Persecuted for their beliefs, they lead their people into the jungles of South America.

In the isolation of Freedom Town, they can escape the injustices of the US and follow the true path of of the righteous. An outsider is in their midst, however.

From The Suffering’s Richard Rouse III and inspired by real life events, The Church in the Darkness is an action-infiltration title that dips into the radical movements of the 1970s. You are a former law-enforcement officer, resolved to get into Freedom Town and check on your nephew.

The game will offer a unique playthrough on every attempt, with different character personalities and a shifting narrative triggered by investigation, observation and action. With the cult leader dialogue written specifically for Ellen McLain (GLaDOS in Portal) and John Patrick Lowrie (Sniper in Team Fortress 2), who are married in real life, The Church in the Darkness should offer an intriguing and challenging spectacle from the outset.

Here’s your official announcement trailer.

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