Xbox One to get Rocket League


It’s been tearing up the fields of that other console and PC for a little while now, but Psyonix’s excellent driving-meets-football sports game, Rocket League, is finally coming to Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program.

The Xbox One version will be fully optimised for the console and will include all the same, much loved features that the other platforms contain, plus several significant additions.

There will be two exclusive Xbox One Battle Cars, the Halo “Hogsticker” which is an alternate version take on the Warthog, and the Gears of War “Armadillo” armoured personnel carrier.

The ‘Game Awards’ Best Sports/Racing Game and Best Independent Game winner will also feature three previously released DLC packs all rolled up in the Xbox One version. There will also be a Back To The Future Car Pack available as day-one DLC when it finally arrives in February 2016.

The Xbox One version will include:

  • 16 Exclusive Battle Cars + the two mentioned console exclusive vehicles
  • More tha 400 different items of Battle Car customisation
  • Six main maps with multiple variants of each of those
  • Four-player local splitscreen, Eight-player online, ranked and unranked multiplayer with private matches available
  • Nine different game modes including Offline Season and multiple pvp offerings
  • Mutator game variant options including ball-type, ball speed, boost strength, max score and match length

This is looking to be worth each of the ‘Game Awards’ that it’s already picked up. Here’s the announcement trailer, as if you needed more convincing.

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