Xbox One – Where Are The Xbox LIVE Avatars?

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The Xbox One console was revealed itself in real-life hardware form by Microsoft on May 21st; the E3 Press Brief on June 10th was a focus on top upcoming games for the system when it releases this November for $499 / £429.99. However, there is one all important missing person that we haven’t seen yet – nothing has been revealed or shown about Xbox LIVE Avatars on Xbox One?

Where are they, have they been scrapped or does the box art for Kinect Sports Rivals provide vital clues about yet unannounced improvements to the little fellas (and ladies) who go forth online digitally and represent us in games and on our dashboards?

xbox one avatars

Will Kinect for Xbox One scan you and auto-create your Xbox LIVE digital presence? We know that the new hardware will be able to see every facial expression, so precise it can sense your heart-beat which sends a shiver down my spine, but nothing has been announced or shown from Microsoft as to how you can use Kinect for anything outside of a “talking to” or “motion-controlling” experience. As mentioned above, the only real clue to their existence comes in the way of Kinect Sports Rivals, by comparing the box art to previous Kinect Sports titles you could assume from the upcoming Xbox One title that your Xbox LIVE Avatars will now become more human looking than ever before with improvements to facial, head, body muscle and other physical improvements to more resemble a human appearance?

What do you think about Avatars for Xbox One, will they transition over as-is or even vanish altogether in exchange for a more human-esque looking kinect scanned representation of yourself. When we find out the truth, we’ll be sure to let you know.

For now, feel free to speculate in the comments section below – we love opinions!

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