Xbox One X Pre-order announcement at Gamescom!

gamescom News Xbox One X

Gamescom is only days away, with an Xbox briefing happening at 8pm UK time on Sunday 20th August, and today we received official news from Xbox that details of the Xbox One X pre-order will be given at the event.

I would have already been glued to Mixer on the Xbox One to watch the briefing, but this news makes it doubly exciting!

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  • Keltic Devil

    Great way to start the hype for Gamescom……

    Crackdown 3 delayed.

    Oh and now you can pre-order, though……on the 20th!

    Ugh. Who is the genius that came up with this strategy?

  • Richard

    Although 3 was looking fun, I have a bitter taste of 2, which I understand was rushed due to publisher pressure so I’m happy this is being delayed – this NEEDS to be the sequel that the first game deserves

  • Keltic Devil

    You buy an X because you want the best looking third-party games and, obviously, all of the first-party stuff will look amazing. In other words, it’s all about the graphics. If that is important to you & you have the $ to spare, then great.

    But, I can’t blame you. Microsoft is not doing a good job convincing people to upgrade, in my opinion. I love my S and will stick with that for the time being. Delaying Crackdown is not as a big of a deal as some are making it out to be. It’s just the timing of the announcement that sucks. And they should’ve had a Halo, Gears, or introduce a new Fable or new IP to introduce the new beast-like console. Crackdown just doesn’t have the same “Oomph”.

    Either way, I love my Xbox and will buy an X eventually. I just don’t have $500 to upgrade at this time.

  • Richard

    Yeah, think I will wait then, my setup looks great on monitor so will need to be a huge jump. More to the point though… Xbox needs better exclusives – PlayStation has bags of them!

  • Keltic Devil

    While I agree with you that Microsoft needs better exclusives, I disagree that PlayStation has “bags” of them. Other than this year, Xbox has received quite a number of exclusives. The problem is that the exclusives just haven’t been that amazing, depending on your tastes. And in this “what have you done for me lately” type of world we live in, Sony gets all this credit for having Horizon, Nioh, Nier, & Persona and all did well critically earlier this year. But, how many Xbox gamers are actually interested in Horizon and 3 quirky, niche Japanese games? Horizon, yes. The other 3? Who knows?

    And while Microsoft hasn’t done squat since Halo Wars 2 (very underrated game), Sony hasn’t really been doing anything either. And last holiday, Sony had zippo while Microsoft had exclusives released over the holidays. So unless I am forgetting something, if you look at last holidays through now…..Sony has released ONE big exclusive of their own. ONE. And that would be Horizon. The other three were quirky, niche Japanese games that were not made by Sony & the types of games that struggle to sell on Xbox, in the past.

    And even the rest of this year, Sony has Knack 2 and GT Sport. That’s it. That’s laughable. Microsoft has a better upcoming lineup than that garbage, even without Crackdown 3. Oh and Microsoft is releasing a new console too, which will have all the best versions of third-party games. I think us Xbox gamers will be fine.