Xbox set to be invaded by Caveman Warriors

Caveman Warriors

Back in the annals of history, a console game was released based on the Arcade hit, Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja. This inspired Spanish developers, JanduSoft to create and successfully fund, Caveman Warriors. JanduSoft are pleased to reveal that Caveman Warriors will be coming to Xbox One.

Caveman Warriors is a platform game in which you can either play solo or with up to three friends. You live in a prehistoric world where everything was calm, right up until the point where aliens descend on Earth and tip everything upside down. Always the way with aliens!

Choose a hero and hunt after the slippery aliens. Each of the four heros has a different attack and different abilities that may or may not prove useful at different points in the game, so choose wisely.

Experiment with them all to advance through a beautifully crafted world featuring 2D levels. Beat the enemies that have been driven slightly crazy, while grouping up with your friends to work together to free your prehistoric world of an alien infestation.

It’s taken under a year to develop Caveman Warriors, with it being conceived in April 2016. JanduSoft have confirmed inspiration from Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja as well as Trine and Super Mario Bros. The game will feature eight worlds spanning from the Stone Age to World War II and even an alien ship.

Caveman Warriors is scheduled for release in Q2 of 2017.

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