Xbox ‘slim’ coming this year, upgraded console in 2017

E3 Xbox One

Microsoft are to release the Xbox ‘Slim’ this year with an upgraded console coming in 2017, according to a report by Kotaku.

The latter machine has the codename Scorpio, and boasts a more powerful GPU. Kotaku also reckons it offers Oculus Rift support. The ‘slim’ console will supposedly have a 2TB hard drive.

While you take that in Microsoft are set to announce two streaming devices, one of which is to be similar to the Google Chromecast that would allow Xbox One owners to stream games to another TV and connects to an Xbox One controller.

This is all part of Microsoft’s Project Helix’ strategy, the aim of which is to bring together the Xbox and Windows platforms, meaning things like mandated releases across both platforms for games likes Halo.

We’ll see the full picture in a couple of weeks, interesting times ahead…


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