Xbox Sport, Xbox Fitness and Xbox Now Trademarked By Microsoft


Microsoft have recently expanded their portfolio of Trademarks by registering the terms: Xbox Sport, Xbox Fitness and Xbox Now in Europe under a classification that is specifically for “telecommunication services, namely, providing electronic transmission of video over the Internet.”

In what could be a move to provide specific content through three channels as part of a new streaming media service, it’s not yet clear if this new content will be formed for a new service aimed at the more sporty gamers, or new streaming content to be released alongside new software?

We do know that Rare, the developers of Kinect Sports are working on something top-secret likely to be a next-gen title – and since they seem to lead the way in fitness games on the Xbox 360, the streaming content could be additional services associated with what they are currently developing? Get fit, watch the streaming media to get motivated, lose weight…or not!

Whilst the new Trademarks may not be anything to do with Rare at all, Microsoft clearly has something in mind for sport and fitness on the current or next-gen Xbox. Only a few weeks ago, Microsoft had disputed the domain names and with the intention of acquiring them.

When Microsoft make any official announcements, we’ll be sure to keep you updated – for now, best start practising those squats!

Via: Siliconera and Fusible

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