XboxEvent Domain Name Fuels Incoming Next-Gen Reveal


The next-gen Xbox console reveal may soon be upon us, after recent speculation and possible leaks from developers on an April 2013 reveal – the same company who promoted Xbox at E3 2012 has just aquired a new domain “” which can only be for the purpose of one important upcoming event…

…The New Xbox

First discovered by NeoGaf user ekim:

The company Eventcore (formerly ustechs) just registered the Domain yesterday (February 21th)

Eventcore plans and executes large events and meetings like 2013 AT&T developer summit and they only acquire domains for events they are organizing.

They also have MS in their list of references… But especially this: … official site for media registration for E3 2012 Keynote

Nothing has yet been officially announced by Microsoft, but with Xbox LIVE’s Major Nelson constantly tweeting he is in meetings recently, the new domain purchased by Microsoft’s promotion partner – and previous rumours of an April reveal… something is definitely on the way!

We’ll keep you posted in due course.

Source: NeoGaf

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