Yesterday Origins announced for Xbox One

yesterday origins

I like it when a new title is announced. The sense of excitement surrounding a unknown quantity and the anticipation of what might be a great title are as fresh now as when I was a lad. French publisher, Microids, have today announced that they plan to release a new adventure title this year on Xbox One.

Yesterday Origins by Pendulo Studios will be hitting the console on the 29th of September. It looks to take players on an adventure filled with mystery across the world and through the mists of time itself.

Pendulo Studios have 20 years of experience producing adventure games with compelling stories and memorable characters. They are the developers behind the award-winning “Runaway” saga and Yesterday Origins represents the first time that the developers have produced a 3D title. This allows for unprecedented visual effects, dynamic shadowing and realistic physics for in-game objects.

The game itself is centered around John Yesterday and his partner, Pauline. This pair of immortals own an antiques store in Paris and travel across the globe through multiple time periods. The adventure will start as young John is imprisoned by the Spanish Inquisition for witchcraft. Nobody was expecting that. This launches a series of events that will change his life forever. He’s certainly caught the attention of the Church authorities at this point due to an ability to understand and speak every language he encounters, even if he hasn’t managed the ability to resurrect at this point in the game.

Although there’s an element of time hopping, Yesterday Origins is an adventure set mostly in the present day. You’ll try to unravel the secrets to John and Pauline’s immortality. The 25-odd other members of the cast, all fully-voiced, have different plans though. This leads to a jolly jaunt across the globe with adventuring controls suited to console game controllers.

Yesterday Origins is to be released on Xbox One on the 29th of September.


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