Ziggurat hits retail shelves Feb 19th

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Ziggurat 3

It’s been almost 10 months to the day since dungeon-crawling first-person bolt-thrower, Ziggurat was released digitally on Xbox One. The title saw you enter the ever-changing Ziggurat as a nephyte sorcerer, prepared for your rite of passage. If you survive the procedurally-generated maze, packed with dangerous foes and odd-looking vegetables, then you’ll emerge as a powerful wizard. Who wouldn’t want to be a wizard?

Well, magically, Ziggurat hits retail shelves on the 19th of February, as developer, Milkstone have partnered with distributer Soedesco to produce a retail release. So if you’ve been meaning to pick it up and haven’t had the opportunity yet, now is your chance. Grab it, learn powerful new spells and become even more powerful than David Blaine.

If you’re undecided still, you can read our very own Greg’s review, right here.

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