Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone Review

You can’t deny that any game which involves the gruesome use of combating Zombies by any means necessary is not a satisfactory gaming experience. To be able to use your given weapons and let rip on the en-masse undead trailing behind you from all corners is nine out of ten times a pleasure for most of us who enjoy that kind of thing, but do you sometimes wonder if there are too many Zombie based games on the market right now?

Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone, from Konami is the sequel to ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ that was released in 2009 also on the Xbox LIVE Arcade. It is a multidirectional shooter featuring four main characters that you can control at any given time within the game at the press of a button. They all have their own unique Primary weapon, Pwnage Ability and Zombie Bait effective for your survival through-out the many different levels. Each player is equally effective at killing zombies, but when you have a horde, the Primary Weapons can be effective for different playing styles. Combine this with the handy ability to switch between characters; you will have no problems in getting out of a difficult zombie crowded situation. You time is only up when all four of the characters have been killed, but should you see another character out cold on the ground a revival option is there for the taking if you’re quick enough. The different playable characters include: Jeremy who uses a high speed SMG with good range, Alma with her powerful and highly accurate Rifle, Father Bill and his pretty average and slow loading Shotgun, then finally – saving the best until last, Def Money, who uses long range Dual Pistols that seem to be the most effecting at knocking out a great amount of Zombies throughout virtually the whole game. Pwnage Abilities allow a set time of invincibility and Zombie Bait is an item that distracts the Zombies away from you – then kills them in an instant!


If going through the game solo is a bit lonesome, a neat addition is the option of four player co-op action in which you can either add three other gamers locally with extra controllers, find other Zombie killers online through Xbox LIVE – or a combination of both local and LIVE gamers.

As with virtually all Zombie games the main objective is about survival and escape, which is no different for Zombie Apocalypse Never Die Alone. The gameplay is simplistic, it is all about navigating through the different areas of the island to find remaining survivors and take on the horde of Zombies until you can find a way off and head for safety. There are however, quite literally thousands of Zombies heading your way from every direction imaginable. Around the corner, under cars, from inside buildings – they are coming for you everywhere intent on eating you alive! It’s not an over difficult game, but as a single player it can become very repetitive with the other players being AI, so you will benefit more from playing co-operative. It then doesn’t become as slow to pound through the battling horde and in certain areas not as difficult either – plus you’ll have some decent conversation rather than hearing the word “Pwnage” a hell of a lot of times on your own in the narrative!

The game also implements a slight strategy element to it too, so whilst running around with your primary weapon can be very effective – in order to make use of upgrades and gain extra score there are scattered Mash-Up weapons throughout the levels. These are very limited in ammo, but one sure fire way on eliminating the most stampeding of Zombie Hordes and more fun to play with. Mash-Up weapons include Chainsaws, Hydraulic Nail Guns, Paintball Grenade Launchers and even burning aerosol methods. Just remember to collect the cash as it drops in order to purchase skill upgrades to beef up your players. Whilst it is very easy to stick to playing with the one character that you have become familiar with or simply prefer the Primary Weapon – to get through the later levels of the game it is practically dependent upon all the characters having upgraded their skills and abilities. You have been warned!


Zombie Apocalypse Never Die Alone is quite a fun game and offers good value at just 800 MS points, it is just another Zombie game with the same old objectives as any other, but having four player co-op is a winning addition that this game would be simply dull without. Most of the challenges are quite difficult to achieve, so if you really want to work towards full completion and every Achievement it is not going to be a walk in the park and we hope you like a challenge? The game also features a lot of humour to provide additional entertainment during your quest for survival and even the occasional swear word. Zombie Apocalypse Never Die Alone, is definitely not the greatest of Arcade games, but certainly not worth missing if you’re into cheap twin-stick shooters with a bit of violence to pass the time with your Xbox LIVE friends instead of matching gems in fun-filled puzzlers…

…if you think the world is already filled with enough Zombie games right now then unfortunately this isn’t going to stand out from the crowd from the others. It’s only mainly going to appeal to those who enjoyed the first Zombie Apocalypse in 2009.

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