Zombie Army Trilogy pushes you to upgrade


Rebellion are cranking up the pressure on other zombie shooters we could mention, by releasing a new trailer for their imminent horror shooter, Zombie Army Trilogy.

The theme of this new video is, reasons you’re going to upgrade if you already own the first two games in the series. Honestly.  Shall we have a look at them?

  • Brand new 3rd campaign: The series will come to an apocalyptic conclusion with five exclusive new single or multi-player missions across all-new environments.
  • Remastered original campaigns: Ten missions from the previous games, with new animations, dynamic physics & all-round improved visuals.
  • Terrifying new enemies: Blood-spattered Chainsaw Elites, Panzer Zombies and Armoured Skeletons, to name just a few.
  • Four new player characters: A quartet of new female leads to choose from, each with their own backstory.
  • Tactical enemy dismemberment: Gruesome. Cold-bloodedly dismember zombies to slow them down, or stomp on exposed craniums for an instant kill.
  • Horde Mode: Challenge yourself in the new Horde Mode, where you are faced with infinite waves of the animated undead over 5 dedicated multiplayer maps.
  • Unified online community: Team up online and take on any mission from any campaign, comparing kills, new combos, score, leaderboards and your collection of Furby.. OK, maybe not the Furby thing.

What does this mean? Well, despite you, perhaps, owning these already, it means you’ll be able to play them all on your mighty Xbox One.

Need more convincing? OK, here’s the trailer with some lovely zombie spattering action. Don’t take too long to make up your mind though, it’s coming out on the 6th of March. Enjoy.