Zombie Army Trilogy review


Okay, so what if I told you that there’s this new game hitting the Xbox One by Rebellion that lets you experience World War 2 if Hitler managed to summon a zombie army? If you haven’t caught on yet, then well… it’s this. Zombie Army Trilogy is here and it brings with it remastered versions of previously released Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army that were only available on PC, as well as a whole bunch of other content.

If you happen to be looking for a bargain when it comes to price and game content, look no further than this gory title. Zombie Army Trilogy contains both the Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army titles that were previously released on PC (chapters one and two) as well as the brand new third one which is without a doubt, the best one yet. Each title contains roughly five missions and each of these will take you a good half hour to complete, even on the easiest difficulties but it’ll be notably longer depending on how many people you play with or the difficulty level.

I hope you’re good with a sniper rifle, as without it, you’re completely and utterly screwed. Zombie Army Trilogy’s gameplay is practically identical to the fantastic Sniper Elite series, it’s all about controlling your breathing and shooting zombies in the head, hoping you can chain together shots. The best part about it? The bullet/kill camera. There are very few things more satisfying than watching your bullet travel in slow-motion through a ruined city and piercing a zombies eyeball, going through his brain, then hitting the grenade in the pocket of the zombie behind him. Even after playing the entire series, it never gets old.

Zombie Army Trilogy can be played in solo mode however it’s best experienced in coop with friends or using the super handy matchmaking. The game allows up to four people to tackle any mission in the game or the new horde mode (which will get to later, don’t panic!) and you’ll certainly need it if you plan on having any luck with the harder difficulties. You’ll need to work together placing traps, setting up ambushes and in general, running for your damn life hoping someone will revive you.


It may sound a tad dull knowing you use a sniper rifle throughout, but you have plenty of different variations which can be accessed at any safe house. Almost every notable rifle you’ve heard of from the war (both, auto and semi-auto) are available with a scope, as well as a range of secondary guns like shotguns and sub machine guns, but unfortunately these are practically useless. If that’s not enough, there’s a whole bunch of different equipment that can be used to tackle the zombie hordes such as grenades, trip mines, landmines and dynamite.

Right so, I keep bringing this up; the difficulty. Zombie Army Trilogy is brutally tough and if you aren’t a good shot, you’re not going to have a good time, especially as the sniper rifle is the only viable weapon throughout the game. Every level revolves around the player shooting their way through hundreds of zombies, attempting to reach different parts of the mission to complete objectives. Problem is, those zombies travel in enormous packs and never stop moving. This combined with the harder difficulties which alter things such as bullet gravity and damage dealt, make this a one tough title.

The hordes of zombies are one problem, the bosses battles that occasionally pop up are even tougher! Mostly because of trial and error, trying to finger out just how the player exposes and abuses their weak spots. They may be bullet sponges but it’s damn fun fighting them because of the various mechanics which need to be taken advantage of. Not only will you face bosses, you’ll stumble across stronger variations of regular zombies such as suicide bombers, heavily armoured troops and even giant nemesis-looking mutations that carry light machine guns.

Every time you think you’re doing well, even on the easier modes, you’ll sprint head first into a brick wall difficulty curve which is unbearably frustrating to deal with. It’s disappointing to see this is still a problem, as it was a fairly a notable issue even on the PC versions many years ago. And if you’re playing on your own, it’s even tougher to tackle as you won’t have anyone to revive you, the checkpoints in the game are equally frustrating, some making zero sense.


One thing that has certainly surprised me after sinking tonnes of hours into the PC version of Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army is just how well it’s transitioned to the consoles. The game runs unbelievably smoothly, even when the screen is filled to the brim with zombie blood, severed limbs and trip mine explosions. The game looks fantastic too, albeit extremely dark as the vast majority of the game takes place during the night.

A brand new addition to the Nazi Zombie Army series is horde mode which by now, we’re all fairly familiar with as it regularly appears in several video games today. Either in solo or coop, the player is set with the task of holding out against increasingly difficult waves of Nazi zombies in a variety of different locations and equipment. It’s fantastic fun and a bloody tough challenge even with the best strategy, one simple mistake and a zombie will be feasting on your delicious brains… I’ve played this too much.

Zombie Army Trilogy is a must own title for any fan that enjoys slaughtering zombies or playing with friends. It does contain a few frustrating problems such as the ridiculous difficulty spikes and silly little bugs here and there, but it contains an unbelievable amount of enjoyable content and will keep you occupied with friends for a bloody long time.

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Thanks to Rebellion for supplying TiX with a download code

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