Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition Review

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Not so long ago we were saying our goodbyes to the loss of Zombie Driver HD on the Xbox 360 marketplace due to the publisher’s going tits-up bust. In a past press release, developer’s EXOR Studios announced the liquidation process of Cyberfront Corporation and began to give away the game for free for many months thereafter by code drops on their Facebook page. Now as part of the ID@Xbox program for Xbox One and a complimentary Dev Kit from Microsoft – EXOR Studio’s in their own words “decided to go ahead and make a valid Xbox One version of the game.”  They also spent a lot of time on the upgrades, and bumped the game up to 60 FPS! If that wasn’t enough they also confirmed that the amount of Zombies featured in the game has doubled compared to last-gen!

If you haven’t played or heard of Zombie Driver before, the game is a top down vehicular combat game where you’re bang in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Think Dead Rising meet’s Grand Theft Auto 2, and the more Zombies you kill by running them over, the more you get to unlock and upgrade your vehicles. It has been released on PC  during 2009 and sold particularly well on Xbox 360 in 2012 as a HD Version, so it’s landing on the Xbox One marketplace as Ultimate Edition is welcomed because it’s a really fun game and I wish it to be a success for the developer’s. It deserves it.

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Primarily, despite all the bells and whistles the gameplay is just the same as the Xbox 360 HD version, but the visual impact and challenges have increased by the shit-load. To even the odds of survival with the Xbox One version having now doubled the Zombie count since last-gen, it is well balanced due to the placement of a lot more weapons around the cities – but, it’s still “bit of a chase” and a challenge you’ll surely rise to. The game is more fun than it ever was before by adding extra intensity and much better visuals. The difference in lighting, frame rates and more polished environments give the action packed sequence of events a first class appearance. It all appears more dramatic, more over the top and you can’t help but mow down Zombie after Zombie wanting each to have a bitter ending as now horde after horde is chasing your tail.

You start off initially as a mere Taxi just picking up stranded survivors if you choose to play the Story Mode, who you must find and save throughout the early levels and you can then work your way up by using sports cars, Limo’s, Ambulances, Police Cars, School Buses and the best of all – a fucking great fuck off Military Tank, which by then you would have killed thousands of Zombies and truly earned your right to dominate the land within it. There are some beast end of level bosses and a selection of sub missions and sub objectives to the main story that allow you to earn cash. With this very cash you can then buy different add-ons for your vehicle to enable you to survive longer and kill with much more force.

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The Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition comes with three main game modes consisting of Story Mode, the obvious campaign with 31 different story missions to trawl through. Blood Race, which has thirty six different arcade racing events based on elimination and endurance, and finally – Slaughter Mode. Slaughter Mode comes with nine survival based arenas featuring enormous killing sprees and a dynamic upgrade system as you progress. In each of them it is all about simply joyriding and racking up the kill count. All of the DLC from the Xbox 360 HD version is now included, but as unlockable content in the game’s Blood Race campaign as rewards for winning tournaments.

Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition is a simplistic yet challenging game offering a variety of fun game modes to take hold of. The story campaign can become repetitive over time, but the Blood Race and Slaughter Modes are good enough to switch to for continuing the Zombie blood bath when you just want to pick a challenge and roll with it. Having played the 360 HD version I am very impressed with the visual differences on Xbox One and attention to detail in comparison. Plays well, looks great, and definitely worthy of a place in your download queue!

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