Zuma’s Revenge Heading to Xbox LIVE Arcade

PopCap Games are finally going to launch Zuma’s Revenge! on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, as it has been a Games for Window’s title for quite some time now!

Zuma’s Revenge! on Xbox LIVE will deliver exclusive new game modes such as Boss Rush and Weekly Challenge as well as an all-new player progression system via Spirit Animal companions. The digital game will be available globally (in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese) as an Arcade product launching this summer, 2012.

Zuma’s Revenge! for Xbox LIVE, will include the following new and innovative game features as well as Avatar Awards:

  • Extend your gameplay experience in the new and exclusive Boss Rush and Weekly Challenge game modes
  • Enjoy updated 2012 gameplay: No more lives, no more checkpoints and no more game over
  • Discover and befriend 4 all-new Spirit Animal companions
  • Earn Spirit Badges on every level and use them to power up your Spirit Animals
  • Dominate your friends on a whopping 74 leaderboards
  • Experience remastered HD graphics
  • Unlock 20 Xbox LIVE achievements

A specific release date has not been revealed, but it will be priced at just 800 MS Points.

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