Zumba Fitness Core Review

Zumba Fitness Core Review

Superstar Zumba fitness instructors Kass Martin, Tanya Beardsley, Nick Logrea, Loretto Bates and Gina Grant aim to help you “Party your Abs off” in the latest Zumba Fitness game for Kinect – Zumba Fitness Core. If you want to dance your way to flat sexy abs then this is the very game that aims to help you get in shape without the gym workout by the medium of dance and the magic of Kinect in your very own living room!

The marketing material behind Zumba Fitness Core gives the impression that you can skip the crunches and strengthen your core by performing Zumba dance-fitness exercises so that you will never have to get down on the floor. Whilst I am a medium built, average male with no abs – I can confirm that I haven’t played the Kinect title long enough to have sculpted a set – a before and after image would not show any positive results, but it does instantly make you feel a little toned and you know you’ve done yourself some good after a more lengthy Zumba dance session.  It’s a fast paced high energy workout where you can set your own fitness goals, customise your sessions and take up to 45 different classes. The logic behind the title is to make sure you set yourself a routine that you will concurrently adhere to on a regular basis – especially if you want to be toned enough to try and get some abs – or keep the ones you have already got in shape.

If you’re thinking of toning up over the holidays and would like a fitness game to accompany that Kinect Sensor you could be thinking about getting your household this fall, Zumba Fitness Core would make a great difference to your lifestyle if you like to dance, but not overexert yourself with dumbbells and get-fit-quick DVD’s. With Kinect and Zumba Fitness Core, the complete experience involves dance and aerobic elements with choreography that includes hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo steps. It offers a really straight-forward learning programme from the main menu to get you into some basic step moves before tackling one of the lengthier Full Classes.

Thankfully, Zumba Fitness Core uses a menu style that we like, and works well – the simple guide your hand and hold to confirm a selection without a tiresome task of flicking up and down many times and swiping about all over the place to confirm an option.  The presentation style and theme is very simplistic with video’s of dancers playing in the background performing perfect Zumba style moves which aims to inspire you – or annoy you looking at their perfectly toned stomachs – possibly? From the main options you can choose to Zumba to single songs individually, take on a Full Class which allows for you to perform  20 minute, 40 minute and 60 minute sessions, a Learning Steps class to master some basic moves for the newbies, a progress tracker and then finally, Zumba World – a hub to grab any extra downloadable content, Zumba News and information on how to find a Zumba class near you if you want to enhance your fitness experience by venturing out of the house. At least with Zumba Fitness Core you could master the moves in your own home before taking it to classes with others, appear like you’ve been an expert for years – maybe – or not?

The whole style of Zumba Fitness Core is very similar to those other party dance games that rely on having fun with pop songs such as Just Dance 4 or Dance Central, it uses a venue stage with trainers to push and guide you into following the same routines whilst Kinect watches your every move and decides how to score you on your efforts. The only difference between this title and the fun dancing to pop song games is that Zumba Fitness Core is very intense. You will feel every muscle in your body ache as you perform squats and kicks to strengthen your core muscles – everything is centred around the stomach area of your body. Even if you don’t start to see the results right away, I can imagine that continued use will eventually tighten and tone your ab muscles to the point of bursting. This is a serious interactive fitness regime that will benefit either sex. If you are out of shape and haven’t been to a gym before or a complete beginner to exercise games with Kinect – I will advise caution as if you can keep to the pace of the fitness classes, then be prepared to feel the pain.

Zumba Fitness Core for Kinect on the Xbox 360 is a serious fitness class for those willing to put the time and effort into getting stronger core muscles. It’s an energetic, Zumba master-class that will benefit you whether you are already attending Zumba classes outside of your own home or not. It’s considerably better than any fitness DVD due to the interactivity and great training from the instructors – and also aims to get you fit without the need for attending a gym, buying any dumbbells, balls or other equipment you just don’t have the room for.  If you do want to get fit and toned on a budget this should really be your ideal purchase. The intensity of the classes will leave you feeling like all that hard work is going to pay off.  If you can give it your dedication and commitment to the routines on a regular basis, then I have every faith you’re going to get those abs you’ve always wanted!

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