Is Battlefield Bad Company coming to backward compatibility?

Is Battlefield Bad Company coming to backward compatibility?

Now we’re not ones for wild speculation…wait, yes we are. We speculated wildly last year about the possibility of Xbox 360 backward compatibility in the podcast, as well as the Call of Duty franchise cheating on Microsoft and getting into bed with Sony. Wild speculation is indeed a big part of our thought process, and with this generation of consoles being so unpredictable and dynamic, anything could happen.

So, what are we speculating about today? Why, Battlefield Bad: Company coming to backward compatibility, of course.

Battlefield BadCompany 2 1

If you head over to your Xbox One dashboard or to Major Nelson’s blog, you can watch the latest episode of This Week on Xbox, and in this latest episode Major Nelson talks with DICE about the Battlefield 1 multiplayer experience. As a joke, Major Nelson grabs a poster as he’s leaving their office, a poster of Battlefield: Bad Company. Is this a hint at a future backward compatible title or series of titles.

It’s very little to go on, and is quite possibly an entirely innocent joke, but releasing the Battlefield: Bad Company games, possibly as pre-order bonuses for those purchasing Battlefield 1, would be very much inline with other recent releases. Doom came with Doom 1 and Doom 2, Quantum Break came with Alan Wake and American Nightmare, Fallout 4 came with Fallout 3. Bundling backward compatible titles with a new iteration is a tried and tested practice.

However, let’s speculate a little further. With Call of Duty: Infinite bundling a remastered Modern Warfare with it, is it possible we’ll see Battlefield 1 come bundled with a Bad Company remaster?

It’s certainly a possibility, and one fans have been asking for. In fact it’s a bit of a mystery as to why we haven’t seen any more from the Bad Company series. In an interview with GameSpot in 2014, studio head Karl-Magnus Troedsson at DICE was asked why Bad Company 3 wasn’t in development and if the series was dead, he responded:

It’s never dead,

he went on to say:

 You can always revive it, as with any TV series, movie, or IP. It’s going to come down to, if people really want it and if a team inside my group really wants to build it, then sure.

So with fans still saying they want it, the possibility of a Bad Company revival of some sorts is pretty high, our money is on the series coming to backward compatibility when Battlefield 1 releases in October, however, out hopes are behind the idea of a remaster coming bundled with the new game. Time will tell.