Activision’s Official Call of Duty: Worldwide Reveal May 1

Forget about rumours, forget about posters and leaks to gaming press… Activision has now officially responded and will reveal this years Call of Duty title on May 1st 2012.

I can barely contain the excitement whilst typing, but the reveal will take place during the BasketBall Play off’s on TNT – May 1st. The background image of the reveal picture on is the same image on the posters dating a reveal as May 2nd 2012. Depending upon timezones, this reveal would be on May 2nd.

It is still unknown as of yet what the title will be, although Black Ops 2 would come as no surprise since retailers outed the game earlier this year and we had a tip off that 3 SKU’s were inbound for November 13th.

Here’s the teaser image from the official Call of Duty website – check out the new logo with different font than all the others!!

Just. Can’t. Wait.