Agony set for hellish 2017 release

Agony set for hellish 2017 release

The survival horror genre has seen some massive changes over the years. Games such as Resident Evil set a course for game developers to push boundaries and see exactly what scares the living bejesus out of us gamers. As players we love to be scared, a morbid fascination into the occult or just plain simple jump scares in games has us going back for more and more. With the introduction of VR, the horror genre doesn’t seem to be dying off, in fact it looks to be ever more popular.

With all that aside MadMind Studios are grabbing the horror genre, sprinkling a little of their disturbing dust on it and setting it free to the masses. With a line up of developers that have worked on the likes of The Division, The Witcher 3 and Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, Agony is a game we will definitely have to take seriously.

Agony see’s you as a tormented soul fresh in the depths of hell with no memory of how you got there. You will have the ability to control the minds of others, giving you the necessary skills to progress through each stage. The ultimate goal is to escape hell which will mean a meeting with the all powerful Red Goddess.

I must warn you though, like I said the horror genre has seen some changes, Agony pushes the envelope a long way and some people may find some of the footage disturbing. Put it this way there’ll be no “That was too close; you were almost a Jill sandwich.” quotes in this game.

Now if that wasn’t enough Madmind also released an extended gameplay trailer, I’ll warn you again, this is no picnic either.

MadMinds depiction of hell is a quite a disturbing one don’t you think. As you can see from the intro Unreal Engine 4 is the driving force behind this game, the same engine that gave us the epic visuals in Gears of War 4 and many other titles. With that said the power of the Unreal Engine will definitely make this a game visual work of art. Just watching the trailer gave me the same sense of dread I felt the moment I launched the very first Silent Hill, and I wasn’t disappointed with that.

Agony is set to be released on PC and Xbox One some time in 2017, I for one am really looking forward to it. I’ll probably only play about 10 minutes of it before I’m scared out of my my mind but hey, I’ll give it a bash.