AIPD Review

AIPD Review

AIPD, or Artificial Intelligence Police Department is a twin stick shooter that is surprisingly good fun. I’ll admit that at first I was expecting a story based shooter, but it turns out that I would be playing a flashier Geometry Wars.

AIPD has been developed on the Unreal 4 Engine and it looks great. If you love neon, you’ll feel right at home, it’s very TRON-like and the ships and enemies all look great. As the game starts you are presented with a “How to Play” section that provides you with still images and diagrams. It takes you through the games mechanics and what they different enemies do, as well as explaining what the different pickups provide and what your super weapons can do to help you get through the waves.

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The gameplay is fast and fluid, and it feels great to play. You face wave after wave of enemies until you die, but as you complete each wave you are given the ability to alter the difficulty of the game on the fly in exchange for more points. Different options include increased difficult in getting hold of super weapons, more powerful weapons, or having the speed of your ship decreased, making it easier for your enemies to get you,. It’s quite tactical, going for difficult challenges early on can make things difficult for you, the modifiers stay active throughout the games 15 waves so its worth keeping things as simple as possible early on. You also need to manage your health and avoid overheating your weapons. The amount of enemies on screen at anyone time can get quite overwhelming, but the frame rate holds out really well.


AIPD has 4 games modes which are basically variants on the standard game mode, but there is a fifth section which lets you design your own game – You essentially determine which challenges the game starts with, as the game goes on you’ll have less to choose from, but that just means your ship just gets a couple of seconds to rest between waves. It would have been nice to to customise how much each challenge was worth and the possibility of stacking them would have been quite a nice idea. I dare you to turn all the challenges on at once and see how long you last! You can save up to three variants so you can constantly adapt how the game plays.

AIPD is great game, the modifiers and tactics add a new element to twin-stick shooter genre and it’s great being able to design your own variants. It’s a great looking title, and well worth spending some time with.

Thanks to Xbox & Blazing Badger for their support

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