Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – Last Dev Diary Is In

Next week is the much anticipated release of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, dubbed as a “spin off adventure” retail quality game on digital download. Let’s now join the folks at Remedy Entertainment in their last developer diary about their brand new Xbox Live Arcade game out Wednesday February 22nd 2012.

When Alan Wake disappears at the end of the first game, a legend was born and it was repeated over and over again until it turned real. It is a classic boogie man story and Mr. Scratch, darkness shaped in Wake’s image, is a byproduct of this. Check out the latest dev diary as the guys talk a little about this and the new heart pounding arcade mode called Fight till Dawn. Don’t forget to stick around to the end for a killer (literally) surprise!

All three developer diaries are included below in order if you need to catch up:

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